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Find out what it takes to connect your home or office before you even make a purchase. Plus, we’ll apply the cost of consultation towards your future whole home or small business networking installation. About 80% of wireless networks are not secure. We’ll make sure yours is.





Schools & Educational Institutions

1.       Disaster Recovery Solutions and Backups. Your data will be safe!
2.       Anti-Virus and Spyware solutions.
3.       Affordable Software, Software tracking and compliance.
4.       SmartBoard setup and trouble shooting.
5.       Video projector setup and troubleshooting.
6.       Elmo or (Elmo like) setup and trouble shooting.
7.       Server options, Domain setup, Domain Policies, Roaming Profiles, Email and Printer Management.
8.       Multi-Function Printer setup.
9.       IMac or PC, it doesn’t matter we can have both working together in your network.
10.   Networking wired or wireless.
11.   Website design and update assistance. Domain name assistance too!
12.   Great prices on Computer hardware from PC’s, printers and servers.
13.   Assistance with your Life Pack Portable Defibrillator firmware updates.
14.   Don’t give away those older computers, there may be a way to re-vitalize them and make them useful without any software or hardware purchases. Let us introduce to you, “Puppy Linux”.



If it plugs into the wall somewhere, or if it is wireless, give us a call!



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